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Do not forget to take your credit (not debit) card because you will probably need it for a deposit (that is, if you are not going to purchase the full insurance). I would like to have some foundation if Im going to argue with the company. You mentioned that you should be able to drive a croatian car rental into Bosnia and Montenegro with no further insurance other than a green card. It's certainly worth trying especially during the low-demand periods. But I would rather think no. great blog you and your wife is running here, I am also an expat living in Croatia where i run a few websites, i was wondering if you could contact me on E-mail. ATTENTION: Youll be able to rent a car as long as youre 18 years or older, but will be subject to extra charges if youre younger than 22 or older than 70. Vetura is a regional car rental company based in Porec, and with offices in all major Istrian coastal towns. Be sure to factor these costs into your budget! you will need to pay either by credit card or cash. Do not power up hills. Your on line travel guide is terrific. In general, a car rental that might cost $30-80 per day might be a lot cheaper to rent by the week.) They try to charge extra. Be aware that if you take a road trip from the north of Croatia down to Dubrovnik, there is a small area of land that is Bosnia and it does count as a border crossing. This is the most scenic road in Croatia. In Victoria, the increase was 38 per cent, and in Tasmania, a whopping 92 per cent. If you prefer to book directly with a car rental company, as opposed to renting through a broker, you'll find all major international car rental companies in Croatia. My Husband and I shall be travelling to Croatia next week for the first time . But I find it strange they have charged you afterwards. Contacts (Split Airport Office) | t: +385 21 895 164 | e: [emailprotected] | Website. Ive noticed that Croatian car rental companies do not offer PLI coverage that compares with, say, the UK or USA. What do you think about? You also need a valid driving licence (more on requirements in the guide below) and a valid ID. If it`s not exaggerated, do you know how long we should count on border crossings to take? For drivers under the age of 25, the blood alcohol level limit is 0% while driving. I and my husband are going from zagreb to dubrownick by car and intend stop in Plitvice Lakes, Split, Zadar, etc. Me and some friends are planing a trip this summer. If something happens on the road (I am sure you will be just fine the roads are great and the drivers are polite! Contacts | t: +385 98 983 6950 | e: [emailprotected] |Website. Majority of hotels provide parking (often free of charge in small coastal towns). This seems like a scam, though. We share here the best information about traveling to and in Croatia, including destination guides, travel tips, activities, accommodation, and the best places to eat and visit. Thanks for sharing the info of traveling through Croatia. 2. My husband and I are planning a 10 day trip to Croatia in June and were trying to figure out our itinerary. This means that the earlier you book your car, the less you will pay. Note: Drivers from the UK need a full driving licence, their driving licence code, proof of address like a bank statement and photo ID to rent a . But to experience all those places and take advantage of Komarna's awesome location, you'll need a car. This simply means that you'll need to secure your car well in advance if you plan on visiting Croatia in July and August. You better make sure to book your car rental in Croatia well ahead. Basically, it is only possible between a limited number of countries, towns, and branch offices, usually when and where one car rental company has a partner company in another country. Re: Car hire seems very expensive! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3. any issue regarding crossing over into Slovenia with a car rented in Croatia? If you don't have a budget for it, you simply won't rent a car. They also have a smartphone app with all the rest stops in the country-check it out on their website! Is this essential (I will be using the ferries a lot) as the Full Protection seems pretty comprehensive? Have you heard of them and are they okay? -Anna. In my humble opinion, Croatia is one of the most beautiful destinations to travel through by car! Im curious what your experience is and if youd recommend this company. Many guests staying in our apartment in Komarna do just this. Driving the next day driving to Umag. Car hire in Croatia starts from just 8.20 per day for a (economy) class car from Budget. What will be the name of the town where ferry will take us and car rentals will be available. I think we need to head there straight from Zagreb and rental car seems to be our best option (quickest and flexibility). Do they have provisions of hiring a driver or private tour? Prices have risen so high about 88 percent from a year ago that rental cars are now one of the key factors driving the biggest rise in inflation since 2008. Queues at borders can be long, particularly in high season (July, August), from my experience I would count an hour between Croatia and Bosnia in Neum, and another hour at Croatia-Montenegro border. half had done so in Spain, where a week's rental costs 355 in Malaga . NOTE: If your accommodation provides free parking that is an extra bonus-make sure to ask them in advance! Hi The average cost over the course of the entire year is 29. You can rent a car in Dubrovnik and drive to Montenegro, or take your car rental from Croatia to Bosnia and back. Hi Keshala, yes, there is an additional fee for taking a car hire to the islands. For more, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. Just double checking , is that valid for Indian License too ? We are going to Croatia next month. I also noted you would recommend a car for families. There are a few situations that we can think of where you'll be better off without a car. Luckily for us road-trippers, there are an abundance of gas stations throughout Croatia. Thanks for any information that may help. I am trying to decide between buses or a rental car for my family of 3 (2 adults and a 3 year old). Their prices are competitive, and what's even better, you have all offers in one place, and you can easily compare them, and shop for the best car rental Croatia deal. Some information on this site isn't maybe completely accurate at the moment, due to the changed circumstances caused by coronavirus pandemic. I have noted that you say drivers license of our country is sufficient to allow us to drive in Croatia. Currently, the lowest age any rental company charges is 60 years old. It means you have greater flexibility if you want to rebook later. I see so may small cars that only hold 2 suitcases. and the rental car rates are not getting any lower, trust me! RentalCars will then compare all the available cars and give you the prices for the city you are arriving in. Which car rental company will be best for you depends on what youre wanting to do with your rental car. And I hope youll visit Croatia soon! A meal at McDonalds starts at around 10 euros for the most basic budget version, if someone is earning 20-30 euros an hour they're considered very lowly paid. Unfortunately, Im foreign is not going to help you much if youre pulled over for not following the laws of the road. This surcharge usually amounts to 25 per rental. However, even in these situations, we would recommend that you rent a car for a day and take it on Croatian roads to explore beyond your basedestination. During the planning phase of the trip, Tim checks the rates for the major companies and chooses the one with the best price. Hi! They charge an extra insurance for taking a car on the ferry. Her blog is created with the purpose to inspire people to travel more and to share her advice of how to travel "smart". a VW Golf) for a week this summer (27 July - 3 August 2019), across all destinations . You will be able to pay in kunas or in eur and pay in cash or by card. The most popular car rental brands in Croatia are Sixt, Fleet Rent, Avantcar, ORYX and Enterprise. But, some other companies have a cross-border fee even for the EU member states. Do rental companies have an extra charge to take a car onto a ferry connecting to islands like Hvar and Korcula? Opting for car hire in Croatia is your best option for travelling quickly and comfortably to the country's hidden reaches. Four- and six-lane motorways connect the country from North to South, West, and East. Hour. Chris Brown, editor of Auto Rental News, an industry publication, says MirrorTrip could eventually solve the car rental drop-off problem. The same goes for picking up or dropping off the car out of office hours. Hello,Frank and Vera.Nice information.Thanks.We are a family of four,none of us can drive.We are looking for a car to take us from Split to Dubrovnik stopping at Mostar (to save a day and a day trip)but all I find is that I can save money only if one person skips as a silly rule that car or van can have only 3 persons or less or next 8 persons or less paying exorbitant amounts.Please point me to some cheaper alternatives.My time is also limited for me to allow me to travel by bus. Aaaand, last but not least, plan for some waiting time at the border, they might have a line (you will have 2 border controls actually one into Bosnia and one after entering Croatia again). What is the best way to take a ferry from Hvar to mainland, where we can pick a rental car for further driving into Plitvice lakes, Rovinj etc. However, try to be firm and insist on using the green card, and refuse to pay extra. Our best car rental in Croatia advice and tips, Different pick-up and drop-off location for car hire in Croatia, Insurance: Full coverage on a credit card, What kind of drivers license I need to rent a car in Croatia. If you press your foot down on the accelerator too hard, it will cause your wheels to spin. This will be for August 2019 dates. Im happy to hear this, thank you! Well be making an overnight stop at Velika Kladusa in Bosnia on our way. The comparison aggregator can sort by car type, price, and a variety of other options so that youre not left sifting through results for hours. Go, inspect the car along with them, and pay attention. There are very few companies doing cross-country rentals, and the fees are just way too high. were all very expensive, about $2000 for a 2 weeks rental, while renting the car from a british agency like Car Hire 3000 was way cheaper ($300). In New South Wales, the average daily cost of a rental car listed on Kayak between December 1 and January 31 was 72 per cent more expensive compared to the same time last year. Additional Fees for Car Rentals in Croatia, 6. If you only intend to cross into Bosnia in Neum then you don't need to pay a cross-border fee. Also, do you know if its possible to rent cars starting in Korcula? We offer affordable rates on a premium fleet of luxury and economy vehicles.You can choose to rent daily, weekly or even long term. Do you have any good companies that youve personally used in the city and not the airport of Dubrovnik? Are there any discounts on the public buses for a 3 year old? Are you wanting to road trip across Croatia or do you need to look for car hire companies that allow cross-border travel? I have an Indian Driving License but no IDP. Having a difficult time seeing if this is even possible. The only downside is you may not be in the mood for a swim as it gets rather cold, and many of the tourist attractions and hotels will be closed for the winter (though beautiful Plitvice National Park is open during the winter, which is awesome, totally recommended!). You need to be over 25 to rent a car in Ireland via most rental companies. Renting a car in Croatia is easy, if perhaps a bit more on the pricey side compared to other European countries. And now it is time to start booking a rental car for the road-trip of a lifetime! Copyright 2014-2023 MissTourist | All Rights Reserved |. Things to Check Before You Rent a Your Car, BONUS Best Car Types for Driving in Croatia, Some practical info on driving in Croatia, 8 Things You Should Know About Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, Where to Stay in Rovinj, Croatia (and Why! 6 years ago Save Most companies charge a one-way fee for a short hire. To my knowledge, majority of bus companies offer up to 80% discount for kids up to 3 years old. Some companies also charge extra insurance for senior drivers above 70 years of age. Another thing to consider is traffic and limited parking in the town centers. Some subjects we've already covered above, but nevertheless, we'll summarise our best Croatia car rental advice and tips below. An international driver's license is only mandatory in the case when your national driver's license isn't written in Latin letters (for example, if it's written in Cyrillic, or in Chinese characters). If you are asking in terms of car robberies and other theft-related things, you should not be worrying it is very safe there! There are plenty of companies that offer short term insurance for rented cars, and many of these come in at a much more reasonable price! Make sure you do have sufficient funds on your card, and extra money left for your trip. Luckily Croatia has plenty of ferry routes that can transport you and your car, so you can continue your road-trip! If you are below 21 years of age, you'll still be able to rent a car in Croatia. Your car should come with a green card accepted in both countries. We use Oryx for long-term car rental, and so far we had a good experience with them. Uber Carshare was one of two credited car share . We always book our rental car in advance. Youll be able to travel off the beaten track and see sights that many tourists miss! Car Sell-Off. "At non-peak times when there is good availability, prices can get cheaper the closer you get to the start date of the rental. If your credit card comes with full coverage for a car rental, you must wonder whether you need to purchase additional insurance when renting a car. it might be true. Weve been looking on, but arent sure about the rules. We definitely know we need to rent a car and we want to go exploring, but we dont know what our starting and end point should be and the best route to plan for that would make the most sense with a rental car. It belongs to Bosnia, and, thus, it counts as a cross border transfer (yes, even if it is like 6 km). Picking up the car, and getting on the road, Further reading: more Croatia car rentaland other traveltips, Ultimate Packing List For Vacation In Croatia, Croatia Travel Budget: How Much Money You'll Need In Croatia, Where To Have Local, Cheap And Delicious Meals In Croatia, How To Choose Your Destination In Croatia, A Complete Guide To Accommodation In Croatia, cross-border fee for EU countries, UK, and Switzerland: 20 , cross-border fee for Montenegro, Bosnia, and other non-EU countries: 50 , pickup and return out of working hours: 30 . Any recommendations or providers you would suggest? The same goes for any extra equipment you might need (like baby seats, or WiFi router). It takes extra time to price out five companies, but prices can vary widely depending on . Can you drive a rental car from Croatia to Bosnia, Montenegro, or any other European country? There may be a fault that the company is not aware of. Before you leave with your car rental, people at the car rental company will inspect your car for any damages, and note them on paper. NOTE: If you are planning to cross the border through the city of Neum, you do NOT need to pay any cross-border fee. Why is Spain car hire so expensive? 2. Motorways are marked with the letter A, while motorway road signs are always green in color. I am interested to know what the parking is like if you do use a rental car, especially in the bigger towns/cities. Rory Sexton, managing director at Zest Car Rental, agrees, adding that prices tend to align with demand. This is more difficult than it might seem. Costing just 124 on average for a week's rental and fuel, those looking for an adventure on wheels could roam around the tropical southeast Asian country for over eight . You can choose from a range of different suppliers like INA, Crodux, Tifon, Petrol, and Lukoil. If you are planning to do a longer road trip and you are thinking of going to other EU countries by car, the green card insurance will also be enough (oh, the beauty of the EU!). Thanks and congatulations for your blog. Because I feel that if it is 17 per ferry ride then we were overcharged perhaps? to charge you extra for crossing from Croatia into Bosnia or Montenegro. Do we need to purchase additional insurance? We intend to be there for a 3 week period this Sept. An IDP international Driving Permit (google!). I think that the rental companies are among those businesses who were highly financed/leveraged for their stock by the car firms/banks. And if its not on your itinerary already, be sure to add the incredible Istria region to your Croatian bucket list. You didnt mention my main concern about renting a carautomatic transmission. However, the minimum age for renting a car in Croatia is 21. Frank, All roads are asphalted, and wide enough, with clear road signs. It takes time for your car to get up to speed in snow or ice and it takes longer for the car to slow down. Here are the average prices that you can expect to pay to rent a car in Croatia for a day. Hi Charlie, If you choose to rent a car at the airport, it usually will often cost more as the car rental company has to pay extra for a license to operate at the airport. In Croatia, you drive on the right-hand side of the road and pass on the left, Just like every other country in the world, seat-belts are mandatory so be sure to buckle up each time you get in the car before heading onto the roads, Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat, Children from the ages of 2-5 must be in a suitable childs seat. Dear Frank, Thank you :). Although looks are great, there are a few other things you should take into consideration when choosing a rental car: READ MORE: Where to Stay in Rovinj, Croatia (and Why!). If not, you better get it renewed before your trip or the car wont be released to you, If you are traveling with a child that is under 18 kg (30 lbs), youll need to ask the rental company for a baby seat. You would need a local sim card with some credit on it, but once you have that, it is easy-peasy you just need to send an SMS to a specific number (associated with your parking space) with your license plate as text, and the money will be withdrawn from your phone balance! is it the one located at Ul. This fee covers any damage that can occur onboard the ferry. PRO TIP: Make sure you have winter tires on your car rental-they are mandatory from mid- November to mid-April! Waze works miracles! Dont even ask why this is the case, as it makes no sense to me. Since roads in Croatia are great, well-marked, and easy to navigate, GPS is not really necessary to have. That said, we all should use common sense in any country we travel to, things like locking the door before you leave and not leaving an expensive laptop in the front seat would definitely help. Reviews online are mixed but reviews are mixed for every car rental company so was hoping to hear from someone personally. It is safe to rent a car in Croatia. Is there a company that will let us pick up in Zagreb and drop off in Split? thanks for stopping by. If you need this service, you will need to arrange this directly with the car rental company. We offer deals on extras, child seats, GPS, additional driver and insurance packages to help you have an safe . For the purpose of writing this post, Ive checked prices on various car rental companies' websites, and for almost all dates I randomly picked I found cheaper deals on the Rentalcars website. The most expensive month in which to hire a car is August with prices for for a Compact class) starting at 45.06. There many UNESCO heritage, Roman built palaces and beautiful catholic churches and all these will be easy for if you have car on rental. Thank Yulia for the wonderful advice. There are many others throughout the country, but those are the ones with the heftiest toll fees. I highly recommend investigating this option before signing any insurance papers that the car rental company gives you. Zip car charges rental rates per hour, in many cases starting at $11 per hour, or daily rates starting at . The views are gorgeous! We have a question about car rentals. I dont have any personal experience renting with Sixt, but I dont think Sixt is worse (or better) than others. The question is which one will you be the most comfortable in? Getting a car on rental seems to important if you are traveling in Croatia. Do Croatian companies have offices in Hungary/Italy/Slovenia? I wanted to use Avis however there reviews dont fill me with confident also carwiz seems the same, can you personally suggest any companies youve used? Whether you want to travel the country or road trip across the continent, therell be a car hire option for you! 2) We were also told for our week long rental which I had already paid for insurance through Expedia, that we would really need to buy two additional insurances (one was car body, the other for tire damage) or they could charge us for small scratches etc. Here are the very few rental companies that charge a senior driver fee in some countries. I would like to rent a car in Venice and drop off in Dubrovnik. But, if you take extra insurance with a car hire company in Croatia then the amount authorized on your credit card is much lower, and usually amounts to the rental cost + 200 for any additional costs, like for example parking tickets, late drop-off, or if the fuel tank isn't full. So if you do need to book at the last minute, don't worry too much. Thank you so much for supporting this project! Any advice would be highly appreciated. If you are four or more people traveling together, you will need to rent a full-size car with a big trunk, or even a van in order to comfortably fit you and your luggage. In case of car problems outside of Croatia, what car rental companies do you think would be the best to go with? In the country I live in, it was recommended by the Sixt office that it would be better to set up the contract for fewer days so I wont be stuck with the entire bill. A Land Rover Discovery or an off-road Jeep is the perfect car for the job. Smaller cars also have a much better fuel efficiency which will save you money along the way! UPDATE: In big cities you can now pay for your parking via SMS, how cool is that? Youll feel much more independent without feeling like you need to rely on anyone else. We are travelling in may 2018: Hi Frank, Enjoy your driving in Croatia! I have A question. In Croatia, you can encounter the same kind of situations when renting a car as you would encounter in other European countries. Its a good idea to familiarise yourself with these limits, but as a rule, always keep your eyes peeled for speed limit signs that will guide you according to the appropriate speed limit. It isn't common, but be prudent and mindful, and don't leave your stuff in sight. PRO TIP 2: Oh, and dont forget to double check if the car is equipped with functioning AC this is something you will definitely need during a hot Croatian summer! I just dropped you a word via email. It may be more than a little stressful trying to figure it out after youve departed, Make sure that your drivers license is with you and valid for at least the next 6 months. There is also a free app that will help you keep up to date on road conditions, toll calculator, gas stations map and much more. 1. Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links on this page might be affiliate links, which means that at absolutely no extra cost for you we will earn a small commission for a sale generated through the website. Which places would you recommend to see if we have about 7 days in the area, including outside of Croatia if we can squeeze it all in? Great Post very informative! Also, if you are a US citizen, check Bonzah, they offer pretty good prices too! A network of national toll-free roads usually runs parallel to the toll motorway. From Split to Dubrovnik is ~ 60 kunas (~ US $8). I cant provide no other proof but a common sense. So, if you dont want to take the risk, extra insurance just for this will be about 15-20 EUR extra. In the UK and USA liability coverage is in the millions, however there is little or no PLI offered in Croatia. So, youll only need to apply for an international drivers license if your current drivers license is not written in Latin letters. If you have a question, it is always best to drop it in below in the comments this way other readers can benefit from the answer as well! A car is definitely the best way to explore Croatia. But it's not worth $1,200. A Fiat Panda or a Hyundai i30 would work well in this situation and wouldnt cause too much of a hassle if you decide to drive into a small village. This is why it is so important to inspect the car before renting it and do the same on return. PRICE: HRK 1700 (US $250.5) HRK 1750 (US $258) per day. Having the convenience of your own transportation makes a huge difference when traveling in Croatia! Never be in rush, take all the time you need, but make sure you check for any damage no matter how small it might be. Do all/most of the companies allow this, or are there certain rental companies that are better for these pick-up/drop-off locations?

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