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If anyone was going to whisk you away for a romantic daydream, it would definitely be someone with Venus in Pisces in their birth chart. Venus is the sign of beauty, money, pleasure, attraction, and style, so Venus in Aquarius can feel like a bit of an anomaly. VENUS IN HOUSE TEN Venus in the 10th house cultivates great charm, power, and charisma in the realm of career and public Image. This is what it means to love a Venus in Pisces woman. A cosmic shake-up arrives on April 11 as Venus leaves grounded Taurus and enters intellectual Gemini. You can count on Venus in Pisces to find beauty in the unsexiest places, and yes, this extends to her romantic interests, too. It is admirable how strong her emotional receptivity and empathy are, but it can also lead her to a lot of problems. She thrives with a protector and one who will stand guard over her solitude. The good might be very deep down, and her desire to save can make her a victim of troubled or abusive characters. She has a lot of desires and she wishes for her dreams to become true. They can roam about in other words, in their dream planes, which gives them a great energy that spills forth into everything that they do. At a deep level, she recognizes that beauty is not power but rather magic , and she can find it almost anywhere. .iaqpzn-1whqzut{display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;line-height:100%;top:2px;position:relative;}.iaqpzn-1whqzut svg{fill:#000;}.iaqpzn-1mmyqhz{padding:0 8px;top:4px;position:relative;}.iaqpzn-1mmyqhz svg{fill:#626262;}.iaqpzn-pr0334{font-family:adobe-garamond-pro,serif;font-weight:400;font-style:normal;font-variant-numeric:lining-nums;line-height:1.45;overflow-wrap:break-word;color:black;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;display:inline-block;cursor:pointer;font-variant:all-small-caps;color:#626262;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:16px;}.iaqpzn-pr0334:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.iaqpzn-pr0334:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;color:#000;}AstrologyHoroscope. She will react quite dramatically if you make a mockery of her love. When that happens, her cup runneth over. In a perfect relationship, her every gesture of love and her overall attitude will be rewarded with endless attention. The strength of her emotional receptiveness and empathy is certainly something to admire; however, it can also get her in a lot of trouble. Comely and stalwart. Of course all transits are dependent on your natal chart, what dasha you are running how many Ashtakravarga Bindu points you have in a sign so always consult a professional astrologer before you get caught up in fear and worry about things that will not happen. It would be preferable if she made her color selections tranquil, soft, and light. Dreaming of going to jail can be interpreted as a reflection of feelings of guilt, a sense of being trapped, or a fear of consequences for one's actions. While the ability to forgive is an incredible trait to have, it can become detrimental to this womans emotional health. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. You have a sense of humor in love, although you have your shares of ups and downs, as you are a very sensitive person. A business enterprise can be launched or expanded while Venus is in Pisces. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Venus is the planet of romance, peace, and wealth. Sun-Moon Combinations: Exploring Your Personality, Rising Signs: Uncover the Hidden Meanings Behind Your Ascendant, Planets in Houses: How They Determine Ones Personality, Zodiac Birthstones: Channel the Power of Your Birthstone. The Venus in Pisces women are very intuitive and reflexive. According to a theory posted on , The Fool card represents care-free, bohemian spirits. If youre a woman, your Venus sign will give you great insight into how you flirt, your love language and sexual blueprint, the kind of relationship youre looking for (or not), and the woman you are here to be. Definitely a book you should read! Since they both share a strong love of beauty, there needs to be a stimulating visual component to their sex life, Jewel says. Aries rising will have to watch overspending and expenditures and Scorpios may have challenges with children and investments. Thus, the sign located on Venus determines how we love and how we express this feeling. Venus in Pisces isn't just about beauty or appearances or strategy. A mans Venus sign will typically point to the kind of woman he will be attracted to and the qualities and relationship hes looking for. See which celebritieshave their Venus sign in pretty Pisces, below, Zooey Deschanel Michelle ObamaShirley Bassey, Isabel LucasAlicia KeysNatalie Imbruglia Sasha Pivovarova Agyness Deyn Doutzen Kroes Selita Ebanks Geena Davis Vanessa Redgrave, DrewBarrymore Olivia Palermo Ursula AndressRachel WeiszEva HerzigovLaura Dern Charlotte ChurchDakota Fanning, Victoria Beckham Billie Holiday Kristen StewartEmma WatsonLucy LawlessMaria SharapovaKate HudsonCline DionReese Witherspoon Kourtney KardashianNorah Jones Claire DanesSuri CruiseJoss StoneRosie Huntington-WhiteleyJennifer GreyDiana RossShannen Doherty Selena Q, Penlope CruzKelly ClarksonKirsten DunstMichelle PfeifferBarbra StreisandBettie PageAndie MacdowellQueen Elizabeth, What Is The Venus Return? A theme for the Venus Pisces is sacrifice, and she's vulnerable to losing herself for love. Still its usually good to have a happy Venus for relationships and particularly for artistic development. They are incredibly playful, sad, and perhaps just a little unusual. 1. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". This whimsical, dreamy nature will often seep into the way she dresses. 18 Lessons of Depth on the House coming starting May 5th. March signifies massive celestial turning points, as we enter a new astrological year, and the outer planets push us into a . Star Sign Style - Astrology Fashion And Beauty For The Zodiac With Celebrity Star Signs, Venus In Pisces Romanticism,Idealisation, and Blurred Lines. Today, she might like pop music, and the next week she might hate it, or she might change her tastes just like that. She has a hard time establishing boundaries and is likely to let people constantly walk all over her. Copyright 2023 Taurus will also appreciate how soft and gentle Pisces is. The Eight of Cups is not , Difference between Vedic and western astrology Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac a system in which positions of planets are calculated based on where they are actually observed in the sky in , Author Lakeesha Jones tells her lifes story in an uplifting way and offers information that can help readers improve their lives too. Theyre highly romantic and emotional, but also a bit shy and withdrawn. Pisces people are flowing and intuitive, picking up on the subtitles others miss and with Venus in the sign theyre particularly romantic and gentle. True love is not the fantasy that this woman might believe it to be. If plans change, she will do what she has to do to make it work. Blessed with wealth and conveyance. Yes, but its also terrifying, right? When in a relationship, this particular Pisces woman will go to great lengths to encourage bonding. If you are Libra rising, you will feel good but must watch challenges from co-workers and with health issues. So innocent, so sweet and beautiful, so kind and warm-hearted, its just like Venus herself descended down from the heavens to play with the hearts of mortals. Its not that shes self-loathing; she puts others first so much that her own needs tend to get swept under the rug. 2. Venus Pisces woman is a profound, chilly, and mysteriously emotional sign. Venus entered Pisces on March 17th, 2021, where it will stay until April 10th, 2021. . You are so idealistic about matters of the heart that its easy for you to ignore red flags in potential or current partners. So a Venus in Pisces woman will likely have a sixth sense that enables her to predict her partners needs and desires before they presence them. Venus is Pisces is a total dreamboat. This particular Pisces woman will go to considerable measures to promote bonding when in a partnership. Enchant her with colorful tales that confirm there's beauty, love, and kindness all around if we see with our heart. Her vulnerability brings out the desire in others to protect and rescue her. She rules all kinds of love, physical love, love of humanity, love and devotion. Do these sound familiar to how you navigate love, sex, and relationships? She is a champion to the underdog and leaves no one behind. It is her sweet, honest, and innocent nature that attracts so many men to a Pisces woman in Venus. She is very easily manipulated due to her pure intentions, and that can lead to severe devastation in her life. She won't be content unless they share a strong connection in all important areas, including, Learning And Growth Of Venus Pisces Woman, When you need it most, money appears in the most unlikely locations. Because she cares so much and feels deeply, she wants to take care of everybody, even if they arent ready to receive that love. . Because of this, she may occasionally be taken advantage of, but thanks to her spiritual outlook on life, she frequently manages to see how even those instances are just a small part of a broader picture. The Venus in Pisces man prefers women that are the traditional feminine auras. A clutch of the most successful female TV character actresses from the late 90s have Venus in Aries. If he is the smart and responsible one, she will be free to make love, inspiration, and the ever-beautiful innocence of a wonderful woman. Schedules and inconveniences are annoying to a Venus in Pisces woman, along with harshness. Horoscope today, 2 March 2023 - In the distant past, storytellers used to explain how one universe ended and another one began. But she can get so wrapped up in her fantasies that she struggles to be fully present in the moment and enjoy physical intimacy. At its core, it represents the transformation of base materials into something of greater value or significance. Her idea of a relationship might be wildly unrealistic, and she wont realize this until she has experienced being in relationship (several times) and become aware of this potential flaw. This conjunction will blend the mind with pleasures. But what does it mean if your Venus placement falls in Pisces? Doing so can bring her down pretty hard. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. Venus is relationally at her . This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. He likes partners who are fragile, delicate, gentle, and sensitive. Strong boundaries and respect for her own imaginative. There is a settling down happening in your life this month, Pisces. Taurus women are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus' day of the week is Friday, known in Latin as Veneris, or the day of Venus. This woman is on a lifelong journey to find something. Venus in Pisces will enhance our relationships and creativity, allowing us to open our hearts even more deeply. The Venus in Pisces women are very intuitive and reflexive. Her sense of social cues is impressive, and she is very clear, concise, and compassionate with her words. Venus in Pisces Men. No matter if you're single or attached, all zodiac signs will feel this blessed and magical vibe! A Venus in Pisces woman can also use this same people-pleasing characteristic to change herself depending on who she is talking to. Learn more about the Venus in Pisces actors, musicians, and celebrities below, including their sun, moon, and rising signs. She is aware of the goodness in everyone, which occasionally causes her to enter dubious areas. If youre born with your Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Pisces, youre likely to be a highly creative, intuitive dreamer who feels things deeply (like all water signs do) and is a born romantic. Check out all of the other Venus placements here: Keywords: Romantic, sensitive, creative, empathetic, compassionate, spiritual, mystical, generous, artistic, escapist, daydreamer. This woman needs to work on being a little more selective in who she trusts. Shes the kind of woman who can find romance and a love story in anything; a miserable rainy day, being stood up, a traffic jam where most people see lemons, she sees a cool, refreshing glass of the sweetest lemonade. Taurus is the most grounded and emotional sign to ever exist. From January 26th to February 19th, Venus passes through the mutable waters of Pisces. Compassionate, artistic, inspiring, and capable of what others want or need. Both partners are transparent and forthright with one another, and they seek serenity and harmony. Not only does she have a great sense of humor, but she is empathetic towards those around her. In addition to writing her blog, Anna also offers personalized astrological readings to her clients. The Venus Pisces woman seeks a soul mate who will see the strength in what she senses. Venus is the teacher of the demons and in modern a term that means those stuck in material existence who enjoy manifesting the finer things of life. You need more time to figure some things out right now and you are choosing between two . Being detail-oriented and adaptable also makes a Venus in Pisces woman an excellent communicator. Compatibility: A Venus in Pisces woman will be compatible with someone who is grounded and can offer stability and a healthy dose of realism where she may lack this. Go for light dusting or liquid strobing, and show off your romantic aesthetic. Aquarius Sun, Libra Rising. Venus is the planet of love, relationships and intimacy. This attention to detail can be a driving force in a Pisces womans relationships. In her blog, Anna explores the intersection of astrology and daily life, offering insight and guidance to her readers on a wide range of topics. Not only does she have a great sense of humor, but she is empathetic towards those around her. With Venus Pisces, this could mean instinctively recoiling from those with loose boundaries, like themselves. She feels very sensitive about anything. She won't be content unless they share a strong connection in all important areas, including spirituality. She will sacrifice a lot for her partner, even bits and pieces of her soul, believing this is what love should be like. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. What Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely To Be A Psychopath. Because Venus is about value, it governs our . She believes in love, she believes there are still modern gentlemen in this world, and her wild imagination wont let her settle for anything less than a real-life fairytale romance. His feelings are unadulterated and sincere. She can get fairly knocked down if you do it. ca806dd95b04bf72e3de6df0428fb8aa87a597fbc044f8bdbc3c250a08acc57658753a10328d66619ea9a43a320780ec9c87ecb0b80ebf023c1625c76646f8f7. This can be a blessing and a curse. But she must be careful not to hold out for a fantasy idea of a relationship that doesnt exist. She's an Angel girl, Queen of the Fairies, enchantress, timeless beauty, and lost soul. In Pisces, Venus, the ruler of women and relationships, brings out love, harmony, creativity, beauty and artistry. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Barry Rosens talk on Secret of the Houses and over 20 new ways of looking at astrological houses and new techniques for evaluating them is now available for viewing on his You Tube Channel: Available in 2 formats: 2 /9 week courses or 1/18 week course. When you are born with Venus in Pisces, you are a natural social butterfly and are happiest when exchanging with others. In modern times we have an idealistic perspective on love and everyone thinks Venus represents love as in fidelity and romance. In the bareness and harshness of the earth in the middle of winter, the vast darkness when the power unexpectedly cuts out, and the bumpy, bruised scar that runs through . She will go through a lot of heartache in her relationships, yet she will also experience inexplicable joy. The modern planetary ruler of Pisces is Neptune, which is a fitting name for this water sign. She is substantially in tune with her emotions and the emotions of others and is an influential peacemaker at her innermost core. No love lost. His satisfaction and wellbeing are the most important things, and shes going to forge their relationship based on this, unconditional love and affection. She makes love to everything: the ocean, the trees, and the stars. Venus likes to be served, not be the servant; and, like all planets in Virgo, Venus needs to be useful. The alchemical symbolism in literature and poetry is complex and multifaceted. But this space will allow her to reflect, dream, and self-discover. Read your own Horoscope Venus is exalted in Pisces so naturally, this position brings positive results. She feels what others feel and is more than willing to share in the ups and downs that everyone around her experiences. She feels with the anima mundi, the soul of the world. Venus in Pisces Dates: February 25 to March 21 On February 25 at 5:11 a.m. Pacific Time, Venusthe planet of romance, glamour, finances, art, and pleasure finishes her transit through rebellious and detached Aquarius to enter the mutable, water sign of Pisces. They go out of their way to maintain their partner's happiness and a healthy relationship. Venus in Libras best compatibility is the partners with Venus in Leo and Venus in Sagittarius. Venus in Pisces womens love lives read like a romantic novel and play out like a movie. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Mercury, the ruler of communication and the link between mind and spirit, brings out deep intelligence, learning, and ingenuity. Still Venus is the best of the benefics and seeks to bring spirituality to us after creating material abundance. They are graceful, independent, makers of their own destiny, and have a great deal of moral and emotional courage. Like a dam controls uncontrolled water, they need someone to control their emotions and restrain their outbursts. In Pisces, Venus, the ruler of women and relationships, brings out love, harmony, creativity, beauty and artistry. The issue with this strategy for falling in love is that it can grow so desperate that a lady with Venus Pisces woman will take an offer of love from just about anyone. In the bareness and harshness of the earth in the middle of winter, the vast darkness when the power unexpectedly cuts out, and the bumpy, bruised scar that runs through the middle of her belly. Venus, the love planet, is in a very happy place when she stays in affectionate Pisces. As Venus takes a deep dive into the tropical reefs of Pisces from April 5 until May 2, 2022, prepare for . She has an innate ability to see into the depths of even a strangers soul, which leads her to believe there is good in all of us. Venus In Pisces Celebrities And Their Style, Agyness Deyn Doutzen Kroes Selita Ebanks Geena Davis . If youre unsure of your Venus placement, you can view your birth chart here. She really deserves only the best, to find absolute happiness, someone who knows how to appreciate her sensitivity and protect her from the harsh world. And it requires constant effort and commitment to grow. Sensuality, inspiration, spirituality, and idealism are all brought into your emotional and creative life by this transit. The thing is, shes not deceiving anyone willingly, but rather that her emotional receptivity is too high. 44 Likes, 2 Comments - Natalie (@natalie.ivette_) on Instagram: "Venus, the planet of love and beauty is now in dreamy Pisces With Venus in , we can be more" Their . You are enthusiastic and passionate. by teaandrosemary2. Strong boundaries and respect for her own imaginative dreams will help her empower her to drive to preserve. This can get real shadowy, real quick. In this sense, it represents the feminine side of one's personality, the way passions are lived, and also what one seeks in the loving sense. She is no match for signs of different values, characters, or beliefs because she will adapt to make any situation reach its full potential. She can be extremely emotional and perceptive to her partner's needs; while this gives her the ability to anticipate his needs and make him happy, it also means that she can pick up on negative energy, painful memories, and emotions. She discovered her love for astrology at a young age and has been studying the subject ever since. Replenish Your Imagination. But these qualities also have significant drawbacks, which she might work to address. You will often see her thinking about the future, making plans, being enthusiastic about what will happen. Venus in Pisces can fly in her idealistic nature because Taurus and Capricorn are based on the earth. She has experience with astrology, tarot and other forms of divination. Sweet, romantic Pisces just doesnt cope well with rejection. They will find it simpler to interact with others once this planet enters this sign. This is one of my best classes because it contains a lot of material never taught on houses. It can give insight into the sorts of things which reflect beauty to us. Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. This planet is inextricably linked to refinement, culture, charm and grace. She probably has endless vivid fantasies that play out in her mind but may struggle to find the courage to act on them in real life. "This is the zodiac sign that our goddess planet of love and beauty was in at our moments of birth," says Thomas. The better half is someone who understands his most pressing needs. Venus Pisces guys and gals are lovers who naturally seek out soul mates and kindred spirits. Whether you're a seasoned astrology enthusiast or just starting to learn about the subject, Anna's blog is a must-read. The Venus in Scoprio man is passionate about making the most of an opportunity placed in front of him. There will be conflicts and arguments, just like in any relationship, and much of her emotional stability will depend on how her partner approaches the situations. Venus is the planet of love, the divine feminine, and relationships. Venus in Pisces is magic. Even before she comes to this conclusion, her emotions are so far intertwined with those of her partners that she cant help but feel the repercussions of his grief and sadness. with that special someone. Thats because its antithetical to everything this optimistic sign holds true. Talk about a fairy tale romance! 1. She's drawn to intimate circles, where she can safely bare her soul. What if you like mint chocolate chip, but you actually LOVE salted caramel but dont realize it until youre 75 and only because the gelato place is all out of mint choc chip? A Venus in Pisces woman might be drawn to someone with childhood trauma, attachment issues, or even alcohol or drug problems. She might be duped at least once throughout her romantic adventure due to her enormous need for trust, which can blind her to individuals who will harm her. Finally, Venus in Pisces, the Venus of fluidity . A Venus in Pisces woman might struggle with her own addictions: escapism, fantasies, self-sacrifice, and over-giving her energy. Taurus and Virgo. There are many sweet, genuinely lovable traits that come with a Venus in Pisces woman. She'll need to be on the lookout for energy leaks that deplete her life power. In fact, these two get along so well that astrologers consider this an "exaltation." This is a fancy way of saying that Pisces helps Venus express the absolute best of what she . One such dream that can be particularly alarming is dreaming about throwing up blood. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. She is open to love and hates to hurt others in the process. In general, the Venus in Pisces woman is known for being loving, compassionate, and sensitive. It is best to have a synastry chart made in order to determine whether you and your partner have a Venus sign. This is especially accurate when it comes to their love connections. She is an angelic girl, a fairy queen, a witch, timeless beauty, and a lost soul. Magic happens when a Pisces man and a Capricorn . Some might describe a Venus in Pisces woman as a hopeless romantic. However, once she feels more comfortable in a situation and gains her confidence, she is able to blend in, avoiding negative situations and refraining from ever hurting anybody with whom shes close. She knows what her partner wants and his deepest desires because she feels it quite clearly. Youve spent your early life dreaming about a soulmate. She will soak up any negative energy that is around her, including any bad vibes and grief. The Venus Pisces woman is spiritual, disarming, and emotionally secretive. Some people believe that the alignment of stars and planets can impact your lives in various ways. The inhabitants of Pisces will all be under a fantastic love spell when Venus is there! Sometimes, their apparent sensitivity can be misleading. Since Venus is the love planet, you'll learn more reading about Pisces in love. She feels everything around her both her own feelings and the feelings of those in her presence. For Pisces, it's all about escaping into a fantastical world so that we may put our problems from everyday life aside and focus on romance. Finally, a Venus in Pisces woman would do well learning how to love herself more. It will seem as though everything we have ever wanted has just dropped into our laps during the Venus in Pisces transit. She looks for love everywhere, rather than being picky and taking things slow. Your email address will not be published. Venus in Pisces women are the most faithful of the zodiac signs, but they do often fall victim to it. Venus or Mars in Pisces: Open to many forms of sexual expression, Pisces lovers are normally willing to please. This regularly combats with her innate desire to resist commitment and control. She should also be careful about the fashion choices she makes so that they enhance her enigmatic beauty.

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