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Most will assume the homeowner wont look in any case and wont know what to expect if he does.It might be worth spending a few dollars to buy an electrical outlet tester. Open a door and measure the distance from the outside edge of the outside trim to the inside edge of the inside trim. (Yeslots of money not wisely spent I knowI knowI knowbut had to live there much longer than planned and I couldnt stand the added depression from living in ugly.) The decking is covered with tar paper and shingled. If the I beams fail, can I fix?PaulMake the most of it, spend the least possible, consider any money spent as spent, not an investment. I have not tried this either, but it looks easier and should be cheaper.If you choose to go that route I would appreciate hearing back about how it worked out.Paul, DenaPaul, my mother recently purchased an early 80s mobile home and we are looking to expand the two bedrooms to one larger room. The third really big thing was the milling of logs into dimensional pieces of lumber each one the same as the next and the really important part these dimensional pieces of lumber were mass-produced. Homes built prior to 1976 had only one or two inches of insulation wrapped around the walls, floor and ceiling, 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 studs, uninsulated air ducts in the floor and ceiling, no ceiling vapor barrier, and jalousie windows. Would the floors be able to handle this? Having spent a lifetime in manufacturing and fabrication, and having the equipment necessary at hand, I spliced another 10 of snake onto the existing snake and still with 60 of snake I have not been able to unplug the drain. The outside walls are very often 2x6, and of course there are tons of 2x4 walls in the interior that need headers. Floors are solid. If you are a developer building 2,200 sq/ft houses, saving $2,141.90 per house can add up! I can take hours under neath taking pics, notes, tearing out walls, ceilings. or 24 O.C.? Am I able to take down the interior walls without worrying about structural integrity? I am not looking to sell it, I have owned the property and mobile home for the last 14 years and lived in it for 5 of those years before I moved away. Anyone wanting to move one of them has to find/buy/rent them. If you will have to hire all the work done, it will get expensive fast.I hope this doesnt come across as totally negative. You'd need to know if it's furring strips or a stud wall (one-by, 2x4's or 2x6's?). G.LeeMy son had a 1992 single wide set up on my parents farm, which I bought to live in it while I cared for aging parents. Im hoping we can have more of a cathedral ceiling on the trailer, a beam separating the trailer and addition, and the cathedral ceiling on the addition side. Frequently they left the wheels and axles under the home too. Is there a safe way to access the attic area to look for damage. Though it was developed by the military in the 1940s, it didn't become popular in homes until the late 1970s and early 1980s. The end walls are fastened into place and interior walls placed. The changes were effective on November 7, 2016. Become a GBA Prime member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and more. There are no doubt multiple ways to meet the standard, none of which the insurance company is qualified to evaluate. A wind zone map that might be helpful. So far, so good.Thank you for the additional information about the outer walls being supported by outriggers. My house measures just over 8 which indicates my house has 2x6 studs with sheetrock & stucco covering the studs themselves. This distance will be a little more than 8 inches if you have 2-by-6-inch framing and a little more than 6 inches if you have 2-by-4-inch framing. Boring, but true. "Was there a time when brick foundation walls were in general use or is that also variable?". We didnt. Our kitchen sink had been getting slower, Read More Murphy Never Sleeps! It's a good idea to know the size of the framing in your house. DanHey Paul,Ive got an old single wide hillcrest trailer. My experience was that it was very hard to add enough value to make such extensive renovations worthwhile from a financial standpoint. The timbers bound the four sides of the frame. The interior wood lath and plaster began to be replaced with plaster covered plasterboard lath in the 1930s and then with gypsum wallboard in the 1950s. We want to install the boards on the ceiling also. Lumber prices have had a volatile year. In the early years of regulating building construction, this caused a patchwork of building codes across Canada. ERI- There is a requirement when using the ERI method that mandates you follow the 2009 prescriptive code, no exceptions, which requires R-20 wall cavity or R-5 continuous and R-13 cavity. Learn why at EGStoltzfus Homes we use 2x4 wall construction for our residential homes and how it can save you money. Depending on how much the blocks sink into the soil and how much the wall rises you my have to repeat the process a few times.Then get to work on the places where water is getting into the walls and causes in the sagging, PennyMy daughter recently moved into her grandmothers doublewide which had been empty for 3 years only to discover raccoons in the ceiling. Look at the ceiling for evidence of water stains. These three really, really big things lead to one of the greatest construction booms in history and the advent of affordable housing. Cavity wall insulation was first introduced during the 1970s, becoming compulsory in the 1990s for all new UK buildings. Unless some handyman did some really creative work (which is possible) the kitchen drain should connect to the main line by the shortest possible path. Problem was it looked like trailer decor and I couldnt stand looking at it every day. So if you work where you are not on a direct line between a wall switch and a factory installed ceiling fixture you are probably OK.Obviously, I have no way to be certain of that. The factory handles the home itself; the dealer is responsible for making sure the home was ordered properly and any optional features are installed properly, the setup company is responsible for setting and leveling the home, and hooking up the water, gas and electricity. JillDo you have any generic blue print style drawings that I can work off of? JonaThanks for your reply, sadly I dont have that kind of space available. That equates to $.98 per sq/ft of living space. Pry off a piece of interior trim from around the door or a window. Modern mobile home manufacturing plants are marvels of organizational efficiency. Workers are rewarded for speed and penalized for errors in ways that encourage teamwork and put pressure on them to work as a team. Whats my best fix short of major construction? However, they represent two distinct evolutionary branches but with a common ancestor. Even homes with so called permanent foundations have a gap between the bottom of the mobile home wall and the top of the foundation.Leslie FayThanks for the advice/information!!! I think you are going to find a plastic vapor barrier, insulation and trusses above your tile. My question is since I didnt have plywood before, wouldnt the added weight be too much for the frame?PaulIm not qualified to answer your question since I am not an engineer. Its been well maintained over the years and Ive done some work. The place was the American Midwest and the time was the first part of the 19th century. We have a very large collection of books that are placed in teak bookcases which are also very heavy. To tell you the truth I dont know if it was like this when I got it or not.I tried jacking on the edge of the floors , in one area and it came back,but I was afraid to have all that weight on the floor edge. Look under sinks for evidence of leaks. Ceiling is sound right now with no problems that we can see. In December, lumber prices hit thier lowest level, falling briefly below the $400 per thousand board feet mark (a key indicator for the market performance of this commodity.) The most prominent area is in the kitchen. Photograph 3: Wattle-and-DaubThis is a timber frame house in Wales, United Kingdom, with the wattle-and-daub exposed. There were trailers for camping and large mobile homes for full-time living. How big was it? He still sneaks up on you! I have a 1986 D/W. The technology of timber framing dates back to pre-Roman times and everyone claims it as their own Japan, England, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany.2Timber framing involved big pieces of wood held together with pegs and interlocking joints (mortise and tenon). Regardless of how you get the insulation up top, it will pay for itself in just a few years. Opened the gable and put a 24 24 (3 8 pieces scabbed -held with screws) and screwed the ceiling trusses to the 24 24 -that was placed on edge in the attic for strength. The homes were moved by teams of horses. Drivers are paid by the mile, so they like to make time. From mud huts and megalithic stones to mega highways and skyscrapers, the evolution of construction reflects mankind's ever . When you turn lights on, watch for any flicker.Talk to the neighbors and see if they have any outstanding issues with the park management. Im also wondering if we can remove the existing trailer ceiling/roof to see straight through to the new roof. The function of the OSB sheathing is support for the siding, shear resistance for the 2x4 frame and a contribution to the assembly air tightness. Does this sound feasible? Is there any way to get a second opinion? These headers are 7 1/4" wide, and 3 1/2" thick, so they work nicely in a 2x4 wall. The wall we want to remove is 46 long, will this still cause a problem and if so what would be the issue. A. I'm sure that the demise of brick foundations happened at different times in different areas. That study can be found at It also lead to the introduction of layers of horizontally installed boards thicker than the clapboards - called sheathing all for the purpose of supporting the clapboards. The only significant changes since have been better tools (skill saws, nail guns) and platform framing which we got in the 1950s. But in the last two hundred years we have been on a real tear. are put in place, wall mirrors hung etc. I do know the outside walls are supported on extensions (outriggers) from the main I beams. The end of World War II caused the modular market to truly explode and greatly evolve. We have extremely hard water. Setup can raise tough issues because of the number of organizations involved. And am I supposed to put plastic on the dirt under my trailor? This study was conducted to reveal the truth about the energy savings from 2x6 construction. In the factory at which I worked for a few, I know that. Besides, homeowners do so much creative work you couldnt trust the plans in any case.Im afraid you are on your own.Paul, Mike BizzaroAll Im in a Buddy mobile home.There is a nocturnal pest of some sort in the ceiling. +44 (0)7540 787812 TammieI have a 1998 1676 Fleetwood mobile home, can I raise the ceiling in the master bedroom and if so how? The house appears to have been originally 3 rooms (living and two bedrooms now) and an extension with crawlspace was added later (also made the same way except for one partial wall, barnboard-plater-lath-plaster, entire house balloon framed). But regardless of its origins Chicago sure got balloon framing on the map it jump started the technology. Lumber's price remains well above its pre-pandemic range of $350 to $500, however. You have to know exactly what the problem is and who is responsible for it. I found some newspapers from 1976 which is when it appears they installed the heavy metal chimney through the middle of the house, put wood on the "headers" in the basement (but not crawlspace) and did some other upgrades. Lumber . With the joists in place, the lines are fastened into position using pre-cut forms to make sure they have the right slope. I am of the opinion that necessity is the mother of all invention and that has principally driven the evolution of wood frame design. It was a family cottage industry kind of thing. Leaving the timber frame exposed was eventually found to be a bad idea when the timber frame moved it further cracked the infill wattle-and-daub panels as it lead to more water entry. So, the main reason this design passed is the cooling load was lower than the increase in the heating load, not by much, but it was lower. Your chances of recovering any of your investment are zero.I have heard from people in special circumstances where it made sense. It is something you must think about and decide when deciding to build. Over time the wattle disappeared but the stucco stayed. Insulation is unrolled between the studs. just not sure. When Chicago burned down in 1871 it needed to be rebuilt. Even more sophisticated are insulating sheathings that combine not only the functions of a sheathing and housewrap but also provide thermal resistance (really, they are sophisticated even though these products were first introduced in the 1950s). Last winter with the 80% furnace it was using indoor air and the humidity was at 30% and i had a hell of a time trying to raise it (i gave up), but with the new furnace i have had 50% humidity till about -10C and at -20C i am down to 30% (i get shocks every time i leave the computer). Thank you.PaulHi Faith,I wouldnt worry about it. Here in rural Vermont, builders are still sometimes building new homes with rough-cut full-dimension 2x4s (or, more commonly, 2x6s) cut on a bandsaw mill. Average U value- I have tried several times in ResCheck and could never get it to pass with 2x4 construction. Is it advisable to plug the end of the ribs of the 5 rib strips. Insert a straight edge into the gap as far as it will go and note the measurement on the stud framing the door or window. A lot of information out there is geared toward the energy efficiency benefits of building with 2x6, well we cant say that anymore. 2x4 studs are used for interior walls. You might try this link for starters and see if you have better luck it comes down to is that if your home has the HUD sticker on it, it met the standards when it was built. She is especially concerned about damage to the electical system.PaulI think this is getting beyond what a homeowner should try on their own. 2021. I was told this happened because of the weight of the drywall.Today I reinforced the exterior perimeter with 44s every 4 feet to maybe help combat this from going further. When building your dream house, there are various opinions on 2x6 construction. So check your rough sawn boards. The perimeter of the floor where it meets the walls sag bad. By the beginnings of the 20th century the wood frame wall pretty much looks familiar to many of us. tami hendersonPlease help me. If this is to be a metal roof, there is no decking and a large roll of metal is unrolled over the house. This vertical wood siding weather protection technology made an early appearance in Canada with log piece sur piece buildings constructed by the Hudsons Bay Company.3 In England the practice was to install the weatherboards horizontally in the form of clapboards. Clapboards were traditionally riven boards in that they were split totheir appropriate thickness. This technology subsequently made its way to New England with the colonists.4. Sometimes lime is added to increase workability, flexibility and increase water vapor permeability. Nails used to be made by hand by smiths. You may have good reasons why it is the best approach for your situation. Living in New Mexico we also have very dry air. Faith YoungHi Paul. Where can I find the H U D code for 1998 code for the attachments? Im wondering if this is possible without a center post and if so how much of a header or beam do I need? Finally the 2nd exterior wall is lowered and fastened into place. It appears it may have been custom or a higher end home, as it has framing that meets residential code, i.e., 3/4-inch plywood flooring, 24 framing on 16-inch centers, heavy insulation, etc. During transport the bumps, vibration, and other forces twist and torque the homes and frequently crack panels, loosen connections etc. Lets look at these 2 options: $3.00 sq/ft- 2x4 construction and use 3 of closed cell foam in the cavity. During the late 1940s or early 1950s, builders in many areas of North America switched to planed 2x4s that measure 1.5" x 3.5". There may or may not be a building paper between the clapboards and the sheathing. I have been looking around under the unit and I cannotfigure out where the kitchen sink drain intersects the main sewer.None of the other appliances are plugged (bathroom sinks, toilets,tubs). I appreciate your quick responses. HOME; INTERIORS; EXTERIORS; OFFICE & PORTRAITS; PUBLICITY/EVENTS; CONSTRUCTION; INFO Your statement has made me rethink my next projectremoving the original tub / shower surround and replacing it with a ready-to-install shower base and fully tiled walls using ceramic subway tiles.My tub runs along the outside wall. After steadily rising through the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, lumber prices skyrocketed up to an all-time high in May, driven by historic levels of demand and mounting supply chain issues.. Is there any water in the A/C ducts? Home . I own one myself and would like your opinion on how often to re-level my 1492 sq. He has autism and would greatly benefit from having one. Lots of interesting things happen during transport. Transport. It was not a water control layer. AlisonMatt, Im wanting to do the same thing. The frame wall is undergoing another revolution (okay, it just seems that way because not much has changed in 150 years) a 2x6 frame at 24-inch centers and single top and bottom plates is likely to replace the conventional 2x4 frame. How long has it been since the last rent increase? This is the point where some critical management decisions get made. You can imagine that an 80 wall made of 2 x 4s butted together has LOTS of flex in it and how straight it becomes depends on the straightness of the floor it is attached to. loriHii have a 1979 1468 mobile home with a metal roof. Im re-doing the bath and have had nightmares! Diagonal bracing kept the frames from falling over. A frost-free faucet with a 4" stem will fit inside of a 2x6 wall, so there's really no excuse for a water line hanging in the middle of the room. Ive had several spots that leaked due to snow on the roof (I live in Iowa and the polar vortex last year wasnt easy on my roof). All of our content is relevant, we publish about 1 per month and you can un-subscribe at anytime. Complete Mobile Home Codes - 2022. Our Privacy PolicyEditorial Policies and Conditions of Use, Building Performance and Enclosure Consulting,,, BSD-007: Historical Development of the Building Enclosure, BSI-035: We Need To Do It Different This Time, BSD-042: Historical Development of the Building Enclosure, BSD-112: Building Science for Strawbale Buildings. I would prefer not to post that kind of personal information, i apologize, I've tried what i can think of, its balloon framed, brick basement walls, made with barn board walls, its the first time i have seen plaster-lath-plaster,barnboard (1.5in thick barnboard), 2x4, (no exterior sheathing) exterior wood siding and vinyl siding (added on top about 10 years ago) However, I never messed with load bearing walls and cant offer any specific suggestions. With the exception of spray foams, all the cavity insulations were convection suppressors with some radiation control properties they were not air barriers. Air tightness came from either sealing the interior lining (gypsum board) or sealing the exterior sheathing or sealing the polymer-based exterior building paper (more recently typically referred to as house wrap). Weve been building with wood for thousands of years. This may be hardboard, metal, or vinyl. You do NOT want to do anything that might weaken them.It would be much cheaper to buy a bed that fits.PaulTammieI was afraid that was the answer I was going to get, lol, thank you for replying, Paul. Big posts or staves take a lot of work and use up timber so folks started to set them farther and farther apart. They normally arrive at the jobsite in 20'lengths. And the first building papers were not good for water control in any event they were sized rosin paper. I want to move the stove to the middle of the kitchen and build an island around it. They also dont waste a lot of time tacking wire to the studs inside the walls. joeSo my mobile home is to old to move so I am wanting to take the axles off of it is there any way that could cause an issuePaulAll the houses I moved were supported on blocks with the wheels and axels hanging from their mounts with no weight on them. Could you add extra supports that are resting on the wall & marriage line? 2x6 walls are bigger than 2x4 walls. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. Without the roof in place the walls have no lateral support.If you want a cathedral ceiling, which I can understand, you need to shop for a home that already has one.Paul, TerryHi: My wife and I bought a 1976 Barrington Mobile Home, our celling truses are 2+2. Over time the logs got farther and farther apart and became known as posts. I have replaced floors because of this. The safe weighs 500 pounds and will end up being 600 pounds fully loaded. A collection of one thousand construction details organized by climate and house part. TomPaul,I hope youre still around. JamiePaulNot much I can say to that except it is really frustrating. Now lets talk about the code. When moved in asked for inspection and was told the Mobile home is structurally sound. Im not sure I am visualizing your layout correctly, but things like seats are normally installed last and have no load bearing or sturctural importance.Janet SteuerI bought a 1969 Detroiter, 12 x 65 with a 12 x 50 addition on it.. a friend of mine put 6x6s in the entry between living room and addition room. It was fairly common for older wood-framed buildings to have siding installed directly on the studs, without any intervening sheathing. If this happens and is not corrected, the walls have voids which are going to reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems. Manufacturers and dealers love to blame each other so at least some manufacturers video tape the inside, Read More Mobile Home ManufacturersContinue, I am frequently asked for help finding someone who does good, affordable, repair work. In addition, some homes built between 1967? Last year, a sharp drop . jamiePaul I have a 1969 Marlette. The humidifier was removed with the old furnace, but is the cause the crawlspace caused ACH (its closed but not airtight to the rest of the house) or is there some other method that humidity is being stripped? I envision bracing and reinforcing with a kinda L wood bracket underneath.. Whats your take?PaulCan I assume it is located where neighbors wont complain about what you do and that money is an issue?How about buying some 2 x 4 or 2x 6 pressure treated boards, some concrete block, some 4 x 4pressure treated posts and some wood wedges like the mobile home setup guys use to level a house.Fasten the 2 x 4 as best you can to the bottom of the walls. In the Scandinavian countries the vertical boards were used to protect timber and log structures from weathering. The floor of our home seem to be rippling . The water control function of building paper seemed to have been introduced in the 1930s and even then it was not widespread. That is NOT a place you want to experience.Paul, KaraHi there! are normally provided by the dealer or a contractor working for him. I have been an HVAC installer, insulation company owner, HERS Rater, BPI Building Analyst trainer and energy auditor. Fiberglass batts came in the 1930s, first as partial fills and then as full fills. It tended to crack and needed to be coated with white-wash and lime plaster to keep the water out. Then plywood began to be replaced with oriented stand board (OSB) in the 1970s. The complete source for building, designing, and remodeling green homes. Read the old books. 2x6 construction is common in colder climates. Anyway, now Im ready to build, have been looking at modular homes, and realized that is basically what Im now living in, except for roof and trailer frame. JamieI have a Palm Harbor 2004 32X80. Working in construction for years I am able, but have no experience with mobiles. Your ceiling work also added weight to the walls. Good luck. The problem is that after all that time and effort you would still have an old mobile home or an old trailer. RogerIs it impractical to try to take a single wide frame and build from that?PaulI doubt the numbers would pencil out. The energy savings from building with 2x6 are minimal and dont outweigh the costs, saving about $.02 per sq/ft living space or $41 per year. I used to get $80-100 each. Outside of the board sheathing we typically have clapboards. Artificial Wood is a composite material made using wood byproducts, such as wood chips or sawdust, and . Examine any unfinished exterior wall in the basement or in a closet and measure the width of the studs. We might be able to estimate based on the style. Without a sawmill we tended to see more vertical smaller posts spaced more closely together in place of sheathing. Once you know that you will be able, Manufactured home manufacturers The manufacturer is responsible for the home itself. In 1958, the first double section off-site built home was constructed to a local building code, and thus the modular housing industry was born! Will it hold a king sized free flow waterbed in the master suite at the end of the home?PaulIm thinking that if waterbeds fell through the floors of mobile homes it would make the evening newsSo you should be fine.I did see a couple of bedrooms where the waterbed leaked. There was also a 570-seat auditorium (where large public meetings were held) and a grade school. recently I noticed that the floors around the total perimeter of the house sagged anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2. The function of the house wrap in this wall assembly is both rainwater control and a contribution to the assembly air tightness. Look for drips under the water heater. RexaI want to put up an interior wall to make two rooms from one. On June 15, 1976, HUD established construction and safety standards for mobile homes because they were becoming widely-used as permanent housing. You would do well to read them carefully and be prompt and persistent if you see something that needs to be taken care of. Well, you canwith the right compliance method. Alan, Saw marks don't photograph well; but the lower part of the photo is clear enough to tell it was cut by a circular saw mill. Sometimes, depending on the siding that will be applied, the wire is covered with shields to prevent a nail from being driven through it when siding is applied. Can I remove the flat ceiling and vault the ceiling? The function for the gypsum wallboard is fire resistance, shear resistance for the 2x4 frame and a contribution to the assembly air tightness. The 2x6 itself costs more, and it costs more for the door frames being a non common size (jambs are typically made for a 2x4 stud wall). Homes that are not quite ready to ship will back up in the yard. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. The home otherwise looks good and is on its own land, but not permanent foundation. It produces a structurally sounder frame and thus a stronger house. Photograph 1: Stave ChurchBorgund, Laerdal, Norway, 12th Century. I dont know any way to be certain where the wires are except look.That said, they dont like to waste money running more wire than necessary. After running this model through REMDesign replacing all the R-15 walls with R-21 walls, the total energy savings are $41 per year. I was wondering if there was a quick way to find out where the wires are. I never tried anything like that. Mrs. OLearys cow helped. The total difference in cost to build your house with 2x6 exterior construction vs 2x4 is $2,149.90. That is how I found the problem, it was fastened I think jus below the top plate. Was any wind strapping used then? Polyurethane spray foam insulation was considered one of the greatest advancements in home insulation. It seems to me the insurance company shouldnt need to know anything else. We are needing an estimate because of a fire and the demolition costs included getting rid of contents as well.It doesnt have to be exact but ballpark would be fine. Im getting a new roof for sure. Alan, Unfortunately there is no reliable way of fixing the date of a building by sizing the wall studs. Juan InchaustiIts a good overall explanation as to how its built. Do you have a idea for me it would be helpful thanks! Others say that their 2x4 walls have the same insulation value as the 2x6's, as some builders of the 2x6 walls don't put enough insulation in them. thanks HenryPaulHi Henry,All links seem to point the HUD which is such an enormous organization I got lost trying to find anything useful. ChristineIve searched the floor articles and could find no articles on my issue. Many plasters were applied with elaborate decorative patterns. You might consider building some kind of support structure that stands on the floor. They're commonly used in structural construction projects such as framing walls in a house or building a deck.

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