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His keeping that from her only made it worse for her. More on these later. Maya is a colleague of Andy's as well as her best friend and confidant. In the car, they found Shannon, who said she was trying to escape the storm when she was hit. She had them hold on to each other due to low visibility. [56] When Andy returned to work and Ben confronted Sullivan about the stolen drugs from the PRT car, Sullivan was forced to confess to both Ben and Dixon about his marriage. Andy and Jack found the owner still alive inside and managed to resuscitate her, but Andy couldn't feel joy over having saved the woman's life. She plays shortstop for Station 19's softball team. Andy also found out that when Pruitt went to New York to help with 9-11, he begged her to come back to him and Andy, but she refused. The life and death situation led Ben and Dean to reassess their life choices. Frankel ordered everyone out, but Andy decided to stay in and find the dummy. She wanted to be in a safe space, which for some reason was him. DEADLINE: I have to say that Pruitt [Miguel Sandoval] is one of my favorite characters on the show, and hes beloved amongst the Station 19 crew. The crew of Station 19 are like family to each other. Based on the debris, Andy pieced together that the exploded aircraft had been a rocket. Over Maya and Sullivan's objections, Andy jumped down into the drain to try to get to him. The strip worked and the fire started to die down. Carina slowly opened the door and noticed Maya wasn't sat at her desk. Defiantly, Andy said they still were a team and rallied the others to support her. They saw Mason, who declined a vaccine and Maya's help. When Sullivan heard Andy had no exit and had only 5% air left, he ran into the fire to try and help her find the exit. When he couldn't, he attempted a precordial thump. In a real call, they'd all have come out in body bags. [55] After a little back and forth, they finally got together and told Pruitt they were a couple over lunch. However, when they noticed the wind was starting to move the Aid Car, they knew they needed to get out of there. Born The next morning, the crew was woken up by screaming and found some other campers had been attacked by a bear. When Sullivan emerges from the police station, Andy can be seen running to hug her husband. She never told Ryan because she knew he would want to keep it and him wanting to keep it would make her want that. Andy went to get Ben and then informed Maya of the situation, convincing her to finally call HazMat. His father finally told him that his mother was dying and encouraged him as he jumped and grabbed the loop. Rude, arrogant, cocky - thr Maya and Carina are happily married and starting a family. Audrey tried to get them access, but her blistered finger meant the pad couldn't read her print. Maya worried that that meant that it was so hot inside that it could kill them instantly. After returning from a later call, she and Maya found Greg in an elevator, where he'd passed out. Andy snapped that two men decided behind closed doors that she wasn't fit for the job. Everyone is having a good time except Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz), whos still trying to put the pieces of her past together while dealing husbands recent suspension after he confessed to using fentanyl. He had to tell Andy he couldn't find her dad and she and Maya came to help look for him. Station 19 also responded to a medical call. Andy and Jack disagree over spending decisions at the station. Back at the station, Andy openly challenged Maya's decision to have Jack and Rigo work together. Maya et Carina se revoient aprs quinze ans sans s'tre parles lors de la runion des anciens lves de leur lyce ou l'italienne tait venue pour son anne de terminale aprs avoir gagn une bourse d'un an pour tudier dans un lyce amricain. Its like the story told itself to us, and we wrote it down. They tell each other everything. After the lost the video feed and heart gunshots, Andy, worried for Ryan, wanted to go in immediately, but Maya reminded her that they had to wait to be called. Andy talked about having a fall-out with her father over his slut-shaming her. If I apologize, if I listen to you, if I go to therapy like she wanted, I pause, too weak to ask the question, desperate for an answer yet Im terrified to hear it. Andrea Herrera I had some ideas about why he made those choices, but I think that they had more to do with his limitations as a human being than they had to do with anything thats evil. When she found an engagement ring while they were having sex, she freaked out. They learned she was Margaret Chen. Once they confirmed that the campus was safe they let them go but, since the box with all their phones and watches was on the trunk of the car that the Commander left in for the hospital, they were still unable to communicate with their . They trust each other with their lives. SPOILER ALERT: The report includes details about the Season 3 finale of Station 19. He was scheduled for his surgery that day and she wanted to see him before her surgery. Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters. Dean learned she was a fugitive and the cops wanted them to distract her to give them time to arrive. Station 19 (TV) Not Rated Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings F/M Complete Work 02 Mar 2023 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Jack Gibson/Andy Herrera Maya Bishop Ben Warren Victoria Hughes This is my spinoff on 2.01 of Station; which has been published on for a hot min now. Love isnt always enough to sustain a relationship, and Andys going through a lot and Sullivans going through a lot. She confides that she hasnt seen her extended family since her moms death and thinks she killed herself. After learning what Meredith was trying to do to continue her research, Andy took the phone from Taryn and spoke with the person on the line and convinced the owner of the patent to meet with Meredith to talk about allowing her use. When the team arrived, they went up to the roof. Later, Andy overheard Frankel tell Jack she worried that Andy had been handed her promotion by her father. Then there was an explosion in the building. They went to the scene, where they found a car that had been hit by another car that then drove off. Carina doesn't kn Chief Ripley gives nineteen another chance with the PRT, Carina and Warren work closely together to save the lives of everyone possible, but with fresh starts comes new During the brief time Andy Herrera and Robert Sullivan were dating. Will she survive? Later, Robert checked in on and her. The show was created by Stacy McKee, who served as showrunner for the first two seasons, being replaced by Krista Vernoff as of the third season. Jo had followed through on the call to Andy as soon as the doors of the elevator had closed on Carina. She was on the dance squad in high school. They were put in a group with Charlotte Dearborn and Cole Edmonds to take the test. The next day, Jack found her reminiscing over an old photo of the crew under Captain Herrera. This is my contribution to the countdown. He emerged with another kid that Dallas thought had gone home. Andy talked to Zoe and said she should become a firefighter because she was the kind of person they needed on their team. She then pointed out Maya was running the firehouse into the ground and walked off. Where she started. Do we stand a chance? I know I was speaking to her, but it felt as though I was just speaking aloud. When Dr Bailey suggests Carina get a personal trainer to help with the new found stresses of her job - it isn't quite what she was expecting. After giving herself a haircut, she finds Carina and begs for forgiveness. Will Ella ever be the same again? All Rights Reserved. Station 19 is off-call until further notice," he spoke into the radio. We felt like it was true that there was more to this story than wed been told. Evelyn said she had fallen and was having a hard time catching her breath. Takes place during the opening sequence of 6x08 "I Know A Place.". When Maya learned that the hydrant was dry because the building was scheduled for demolition, she suggested that once they cleared the building, they could use the water in the engine to drown the surrounding buildings and let it burn. While responding to an accident involving multiple injured bikers, Jack refused to stop performing CPR on a biker until Andy pointed out to him that the man was a lost cause, saying this wasn't going to be the win that Jack apparently so desperately needed. Grandparents I'm n "Mommy? [52] Under pressure from Pruitt, they told the team about their relationship. [53], When they first met, Robert and Andy weren't on the best of terms, but two near-death experiences brought them together; surviving the Aid Car tumbling off a cliff[54], and a wave of fire in California. From what Andy knew, she thought her mother killed herself because she experienced flashbacks to their last fun day together, and she expressed this to Meredith. They both became trapped. Later, when Jack lost Pruitt while they were in a fire together, Andy got angry with him. Deadline is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Jaina Lee Ortiz (adult)Lalia Susini (young)Lily Tricano (young) Unfortunately, the lymphoma researcher doesnt make it, but the crew is able to save her work. We planned it, we wrote it and still every time I watch that cut it shocked me and I would burst into tears for her, for Andy. Saw the #marinawintercheers prompt on Twitter, and thought I'd give them a go! They tried, but the Aid Car was blown off the edge of a cliff.[36]. Where she's going. First She made the difficult climb up and set out the flare. She went to her father, who reassured her that he made her lieutenant because she earned it.[15]. Then there was a crash and she didn't respond. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Maya and Dean went to investigate how she'd ended up there. [67] When Andy decided she needed to move out of her father's house, Maya supported her and offered to let Andy move in with her. [13], After Ben and Dean discovered that The Langham was on fire, they called the rest of the team in to help and started an evacuation. The three of them then evacuated the building and Andy checked Jack out. She told him about her promising her mother she'd take care of him just before her death. They finished checking her out and then dropped her off at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The two of them promised the woman they would watch her kids while Pruitt took her to the hospital. [26], Andy refused to leave the building without Jack. When they were finally called in, they responded to the fire and went to base camp to receive their assignments. He was under a pile of rubble, which they moved to free him. [64] However, when Andy snapped at Maya that the Captain's race wasn't here fight, Maya backed off and was cold toward Andy. Jack stayed with her and they retrieved the dummy. Andy and Ben were surprised to learn that he'd been buying flowers for Vic when he passed out. He was exhilarated and he and Andy started kissing and undressing each other. Station 19 will return next Thursday, April 7, at 8 p.m. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. Later, they have sex on the floor of Sullivan's old office, which doesn't seem to bother him at all. He was handed off to be seen and Zoe tried to re-enter the building. Andy then realized that Pruitt had been lying to her. Ripley introduced them to Robert Sullivan, who immediately established himself as a strict, by the book boss. I looked at the machine, I looked at Teddy, I looked at all the wires connected to my body. [12], When a crash caused a tanker to overturn, Station 19 responded. With difficulty, they found Clark, who had fallen and had a branch puncturing his leg. Suddenly, a black SUV drove onto the lot, and, as the door opened, Sullivan felt relief. They freed her, but struggled to get her to stop seizing. When Andy reached Evelyn and gave a report on her status, Ben talked her through doing draining the blood around Evelyn's heart. While they were waiting, Peter offered up the gurney he was on for them to use, so Jack left briefly to take it to them. They found him on the floor, unconscious and pulseless. They had to free Susan, who was impaled on a piece of the bus, and Carla, who was pinned under the bus, while also treating Mary and the other six victims who were free. Principal Linsley met them and said it was likely a false alarm. Only one was still viable, so she took it and left the rig. After her father got diagnosed with cancer, both she and Jack became the acting captains of Station 19, with one of them running each shift. At the bar, Jack told her he had been sleeping with fellow firefighter Rigo's wife, breaking the firefighter code. She was hurting a lot, but she didn't say a word, because she was worried about Andy. Vic and Dean shared their oxygen with the kids until an exit was made and they were able to evacuate. Sullivan sent Dean to get support beams and Travis and Vic to evacuate the floor below them just in case. But, with bumps and roadblocks along the way, will the ship sink or will things stay afloat?. When Jack and Dean found a civilian as they closed fire doors, they called for an elevator evacuation. After his death, falling through a roof he was venting, Sullivan took care of his wife while she grieved her father. She was still unconscious, but started breathing on her own. Completed anorexiarecovery marina greysanatomy +5 more # 7 Im excited to explore Jack as he emerges from loneliness and begins to build family for himself. Their worries were abated when Jack and Andy said they'd ended things. On that floor, they found a large amount of combustibles. Madison Hale is the newest recruit at Station 19, following the new Captain's changes. They were able to get everyone out and stabilized before station 23 arrived to take over. Her worries are confirmed when Andy is not there for Sullivan when he wakes up from surgery and cries out for morphine. Her leg was broken, so they splinted it, but because of the high winds, they had difficulty wrapping her leg, so they moved her into the Aid Car. DEADLINE: Are there any themes or storylines that you would like to explore for next season that maybe you didnt get to in the previous season not just Andy but any of the characters on the show? [9], While fighting an apartment fire, Jack and Pruitt got separated when Jack entered a kid's room to look for a child. Ellie said her mother was shaking and wouldn't stop, so she tried to hit the brake, but hit the accelerator instead. {Sequel to `Nonentity Probie`}~Published: 12th of January 2023--Story Ongoing-. Back to Andy. They suggested rice. Alias [49], While helping Vic through her pregnancy and her later decisions, she revealed that while dating Ryan in high school, she got pregnant her senior year. [45] However, when Andy learned that Ryan deliberately didn't tell her that her dad was in trouble during the skyscraper fire, she ended things with him, saying they always ended up in the same pattern of him protecting her when she didn't need it. [3] She sat on her bed for a long time and wouldn't talk to Pruitt Herrera, until Ryan Tanner came in they hugged and he helped her through it. Requesting a rapid intervention team to recover a firefighter. Grey's Anatomy Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Baby Rambo After separating from Miranda, Ben wanted to feel a sense of togetherness, so he planned "Friendsgiving" with Jack at Dean's houseboat and invited the rest of the team. Later, they found her at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital when they were dropping off another patient. After her father collapsed during a fire, Ryan was able to calm her down. She had still been getting to know the DeLuca-Bishops when Aria had been born, but she was as close to a godmother as the young woman was ever going to get. She learned to run a hose from her father at age seven. On their way to the hospital, they came across a party bus that had crashed. She asked Ripley to send more people up to help, but he refused and ordered her to evacuate. A more complete gallery with pictures of Andy Herrera can be found here. Pruitt was playing Texas Hold Em with some of his former fellow firefighters, and they tuned in to the radios at the fire. While Andy was on her way back, Shannon coded again. One fan tweeted, "maya bishop calling carina deluca her fiance,,, who cheered #station19." Another fan tweeted, "Love how excited they all are about Maya and Carina being engaged #station19." Maya and Carina have finally decided to start a family. When Andy protested that, he promoted her to lieutenant and said they could share the responsibilities until a new captain was officially chosen. Later, Sullivan found Andy, who told him she knew that he had passed her over for Captain because of her father's diagnosis. I have to say that every time I watch that cut, I gasp at that moment along with Jaina, even though we planned that. But Carina's Italian accent was still very prominent, for obvious reasons: she'd only been living in this country for a little over 24 hours. Portrayed by Then they worked to expand the exit to get Ellie's mother out. She had the team do air consumption drills with new partners. Im really excited to explore Vic and Deans friendship and Deans decision to withhold the information that hes falling in love with her, his decision to prioritize their friendship and the fire station crew over his romantic feelings. Her character was the first one cast for the show. I mean, for sure Andy is having a reckoning. Appearances In order to put out the fire, they needed to go through the garage to get to the innermost part of the house. Ryan then shared he had returned from San Diego because Jenna had cheated on him to hurt him after he had told her he was still in love with his ex. They got two bowls of rice and had Kat grip and release it to improve her grip strength. Pruitt's Cancer and Leadership Changes at Station 19, Ryan's Death and Losing Out on Her Promotion, Something About What Happens When We Talk, Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey,, "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story". When Robert woke up, Andy had driven to a motel, and found her Tia Sandra, and also found that her mother was alive. The next day, the hungover crew is summoned to handle a five-alarm fire at PAC North hospital. VERNOFF: Absolutely it changes her, but we dont have a writers room together for Season 4 yet, so that will be the fun of our work over the next couple of months. After several failed attempts to have a child, Maya and Carina slowly gave up on it. They met Vic and she told them about what happened, how Andy confronted Bishop and Bishop finally put her foot down and tried to be a Captain as she should. [46], Months later, after she received a Medal of Valor for her actions during the windstorm, she and Ryan hooked up at her party. She was briefly married to Robert Sullivan. She hopes it will help her in the end but who knows. And Sully and Andys marriage. Andy went first. When they arrived, they learned that the opening was smaller than they expected, too small for an adult to fit down to get him. Eventually, there was no visibility in the building, and the entire Station 19 team was stuck. As Maya turns to walk away, her dad aggressively pulls her ponytail. This is the story of Maya and Carinas kids. It was the very first decision we made in the writers room for Season 3, so we were planning toward it. Then she went back downstairs and helped Ripley pack up and evacuate base camp. His Italian accent was almost gone, as they'd been living here for a few years now. They couldn't intubate, so they did a crike and got her breathing again. Maya took the group on a mandatory camping trip to increase morale. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. [38], When Kat came into the station to check it out, she met Andy and Vic. Andy said she wasn't leaving without Jack, so Maya decided to go with her to help while they sent Vic down to find more help. They remained in a secret relationship and even got married in a small ceremony with only Pruitt attending, as his cancer was back and he was dying. Film Independent Spirit Awards: Livestream + Latest Winners List, Dark Harvest: Casey Likes & Emyri Crutchfield Tapped To Star In MGM Horror Film, Robbie Amell & Stephen Amell To Star In Code 8 Sequel, Abby Miller Toplines Jess Plus None; Chiara DAmbrosio Joins Bandit; Bianca DAmbrosio Cast In Call Jane; Lawrence Kao, Kai Cech Star In The Longest Sleep- Film Casting Briefs. She's a bit of a perfectionist that way. Maya and Carina are now mothers to Stella and Layla! She never got the chance to tell him before he died. It should have been a simple call, but the kid ran into a building with a gas leak, so they had to track down the kid and break through a wall. Carina worked hard to overcome her assault, but will she be able to help her daughter overcome her sexual assault? He blurted out that he was in love with her and had been for a long time, causing him to fail at everything. They were able to stabilize her leg, but the radios weren't working because of the storm, so they were unable to get advice from dispatch on where to take her and Sullivan wanted to wait for the all clear before leaving. She tried to go toward where she heard Deborah, but there were exploding wine bottles between them. Andy showed him how to do compressions and made him do them continuously even as he wore out, because his dummy hadn't beeped back to life. When they arrived, they started a perimeter sweep to see if anyone might be inside and prepared to start fighting the fire. Amelia Shepherd suggested they take a 90-day break to help with his sobriety. She blamed her breakdown on the birth and Pruitt's cancer, declining any further help. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. Jack sent Dean down with the civilian and continued his work. She finally gets in touch with her aunt, who tells her shes coming to Seattle because what she has to say to Andy cant be done over the phone. Sullivan and Andy went on the first call out. October 23-November 21, 1988 or 1989 We have people in our lives who we revere, but like you said, everybodys human, and everybody has made mistakes or made choices that theyre not proud of. Andy was paired with Vic and Ryan was put in their group. Its a major revelation. When they heard Max down below them, they considered using a jackhammer to widen the opening, but Ben found that there was a gas line near them and it's too risky. Pruitt was then taken to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where he had surgery and then was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Set After 6x07 in a world where Andrew is not dead, Miller is not dead, and Andrew's girlfriend Sam hadn't been deported because I simply refuse. Station 19 02x08 - 2x8Andy and Sullivan stuck in the aid car Ripley interrupted and said he understood Andy's call, but they have rules for a reason. As they were arguing over this, they failed to properly dress and Pruitt caught them when he came to fetch documents from the captain's office. Frankel watched for a while and then said she could stop back in anytime. After she was in sinus rhythm again, Andy decided she needed to leave the Aid Car to set off the flares. As they sat down for breakfast there, they agreed to move in together as Andy couldn't bear to live with Maya anymore. [65] She continued to ignore Andy, but after realizing you should let the people you love in, she went to find Andy, but was shocked to see Jack's uniform top outside the Captain's bedroom. Just then a kid came out of the building with Zoe. She wasn't mad that Maya took the job, she was mad that Maya took the job without a word of acknowledgment, which would have told Andy that she wasn't a complete sociopath. [44], They continued having sex regularly in the mornings. Pruitt said they would talk later. [24], While Andy was waiting for her final captain interview, a page came in about a skyscraper fire downtown, so Ripley said the interviews were being postponed until further notice. What has happened? Andy got him on a backboard and tried to reassure him as she treated both him and Shannon. Maya announced to the crew that they needed to stop questioning her every move and either get in line or request a transfer. It certainly has to change her. Dallas called the police after her brother and friends wouldn't wake up when she pulled them out of the pool.

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