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Want to learn how to ace shipping on other reselling apps? Im more than happy to, as I know it can be confusing when not talking in person. There are so many awesome features on Poshmark, and one of them is the bundle feature. Hey, you! The Ava & Aiden heels are so cute I might have to make an offer on them! I understand they expire in 24 hours, but is a few hours considered poor form when you are receiving a few offers and expect to possibly receive more? You can direct questions about the price along the lines of Thanks for checking out my closet! Head over to the Poshmark Community Toolkityour one-stop destination for mastering the ins and outs of running a successful Poshmark business, connecting with the community, and more. This means that if you have the Poshmark Bundle feature enabled/turned on, any Poshmark user that adds x (your selected minimum amount of items) to their bundle order will receive your selected x % discount automatically. Head over to the They can then resubmit a new offer, if theyd like. I am disappointed. To make it easier, perhaps write down their username in a note on your phone, copy it, and then for each item that you share with them, you can easily paste their name into the search bar. But every time I urge a shopper to use it instead of negotiating via public comments, they disappear into the night. Make an offer is a great much better than the constant public haggling from the lowballers. Or are bundles only available from one seller at a time? Its incredible to me that there are people out there who actually need to be told these things. So the scenario you listed out would not be possible. I am not sure if you are aware of the etiquette on poshmark. Its likely the buyers are looking for you to send them a private offer on the one item they added to their bundle. Ive sent messages in the past, but I dont really feel they do much. Youre correct that if you make an offer and choose to lower the shipping for them, it will cut into your profit. Thank you for making this available to quickly tag someone coloring outside the lines. Now that Poshmark has a comment feature within bundles, you can always reach out to make sure everything they had their eye on is there before accepting/making an offer. The potential buyer wasn't rude, I just needed to see how others handle this type of situation and if I am justified in not wanting to share that information. These are your items and you have a right to set a price that you feel is fair. Thanks! Maybe we can let Poshmark know our thoughts on this feature update! What am I doing wrong? Always give private discounts within your privacy because a potential buyer might get the wrong impression if they see back and forth negotiations in the comments of your listing then they might assume that your closet is open to haggling. Send offers on the liked items? Im smiling hearing that youre also obsessed with Poshmark it happens so quickly!! hello, I am still figuring out poshmark and I am not sure if this is something I can do can I flag someone's comment if they commented a link of a website where people can go purchase what I have listed up? Being new, someone may have been seeing how low you would go. Thanks! To do this you will open the Poshmark app and click your account tab on the bottom right corner and find the My Sales button. This helps them get a good idea if that desired item is within their budget, or if they feel you are approachable to negotiate a bit on the price. Support Center If a Poshmark buyer is on the fence about buying one or more items from your closet, but its contingent on you giving them a small discount, wouldnt you want to offer that and make a sale? I ordered a dress that arrived & looks NOTHING like the dress in the photo as listed. Hi Laura! , This is so sweet and I am SO happy to hear that!! Poshmark Etiquette #1 $888 $0 Free Shipping Size OS Buy Now Like and save for later Add To Bundle It's really easy to be nice. *Be sure to do this politely and in an acceptable manner, dont just spam them with this sign repeatedly, or when they are not looking to purchase anything!*. you have about Poshmark. You will notice that below these options it says, Your bundle discount will be automatically applied at checkout to eligible bundle purchases from your listings Closet or Boutique. I think its in good conscious to give the first person a little bit of time to accept the offer, but dont think its in bad taste to end up selling it to another buyer after some time has gone by. Now you can ship a large bundle, those knee-high boots, or that handbag with a lot of hardware, worry free and without having to pay for an upgraded label.The new 5 pound label helps keep selling on Poshmark simple and fun. Anyway to discount the shipping price if they accept the offer? if its over 5 lbs you will have to pay for an overweight shipping label. i.e. Ive found that when a user is looking to purchase, they will be very actively trying to let you know by shopping around in your closet. If a Poshmark seller offers a Bundle Discount, this will be listed here as Seller Discount. It will then tell you the % off and how many items you need to have in your bundle to qualify for that discount. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. i.e. Ive done it before by sharing multiple items to the same buyer, but that seems harder than it should be. Thank you for this post. You have the option to offer a discount of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% (and so on) on bundles of 2, 3, 4, 5 (and so on) items. For more money and contradicting the review they left. You can view your total discount and review your order details on the Checkout page. I was confused because I see lots of other Poshers Leaving there promos on my wall and other walls. But if that is not available I left it on an old sold items. I understand the process better and will create Bundle signs for my closet. 1. Hi Pamela, thank you so much for leaving this comment! Hi, someone offered me $40 while my items is listed for $63 but technically i will only be getting $50 out of $63 minus the fees right. Its called basic courtesysomething your parents are supposed to start teaching you when youre still in diapers, and not stop until you get the concept. The Poshmark platform is constantly evolving to accommodate more features to make the posher's purchase experience as seamless as possible. Have you ever browsed someones Posh closet and liked several items but not been sold on the sale because of the price? Whoever sent you that offer is an asshole idiot. Bring your listings to life. Is it that you are open to offers of any kind? Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The buyer wants to see what kind of discount you are willing to offer them. Introvert shopper perspective. Why arent purchases binding on the seller? All emotions aside, a bundle of 10 items, unless you're selling something very small/lightweight, could end up causing a big headache. Want more information? Learn more about Frequently, if a buyer is putting just one item in a bundle, they're hoping for the seller to offer a private discount. Hi Jordan, If a buyer declines, you should be notified. 2. Message her about the 15% discount offered on bundles to encourage her to add the other stuff she liked there? Today I listed a bunch of new items and someone added one item to her bundle. As a seller, you should remember that profitability is the goal so be cautious of just how much of discount customers will get. One of them cancelled 2 times. To view all of your Bundles, go to your Closet or Boutique and tap the Bundle icon in the right hand corner. It's as easy as pie and I would be thrilled to have you , *THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. Buyers can use Buy Now to purchase an item from you immediately at your listed price. Maybe you already explained this in a round about way but I am new to Poshmark. This exchange happened months ago, would it be terrible to comment and ask the potential buyer that if they were still interested, that I have the the same skirt and size in my closet? As a seller you can add listings to Bundles that your buyer may be interested in. My items were already priced pretty low, like low-low (a few were $4 already), and I countered with a $50 offer, but is that too high? Locate a Bundle and select View Bundle. MEANING, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE THROUGH THESE LINKS I WILL EARN A TINY COMMISSION. I know people are trying to make money Well I've offended someone and they've blocked me. Is $20/10 item bundle typical? I made an offer and the seller accepted. I hope youve made some awesome sales from it. During hard economic times, it is particularly immoral to mislead people into wasting their money. The buyer can purchase these two bundled items and automatically receive a 25% off discount. And only pay shipping fees once? Hi Stephanie, the Make An Offer feature is automatically generated. Its because being a reasonable seller is everything! I do not like it that the accepted offer is still binding when the buyer has payment issues. Hi! Lots of people buy when a seller does this. This isn't commonly good etiquette on other social media platforms, but it's commonplace on Poshmark. If you cannot accept my offer, that's fine. Someone had commented asking for measurements, but there wasn't a reply that I could see. What is proper etiquette for leaving huge list of tags on another users post? Question for youI offer a 10% off discount for 3 or more items. A majority of your listings are violating seller policies. Picture This: If a user is going through your Poshmark closet and liking an item or (perhaps lots of items) but not adding them to a bundle, wouldnt you want to let them know youre open to offers? The reason sellers do this though is because it works. So, the hat would go in its own box with its own label, and the hat and jacket would go in a box with its own label. If someone doesnt want to buy thats cool but Im here to make sales so I make offers and they are great offers. By now, you may have heard about Poshmarks newest feature, Make An Offer. Sorry for asking if this was already covered but I need some clarification. Im interested to hear how it played out and hope to hear from you! Once youve added multiple items to your Bundle, tap the Buy Now button in the Bundle or make an offer. Note, this doesn't opt you into Poshmark-related emails. Locate a Bundle and select View Bundle. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. This will then email you a new shipping label that youre able to use to send everything out in one package that weighs over five pounds! Also, drop your Poshmark closet and Ill check it out! Or, you can add single or multiple items to a bundle to try and receive a special discount. It can be any of the above and more, but these are just some examples to get your ideas flowing! I see youre offering a 15% off discount with bundles too. Or you could completely ignore the offer if you think the seller isn't interested in meeting you in the middle. 20 dollars seems absolutely ridiculousYou countering with $50 is a very generous counter in my opinion. Shop All Electronics Cameras, Photo & Video, Shop All Electronics Cell Phones & Accessories, Shop All Electronics Computers, Laptops & Parts, Shop All Electronics Tablets & Accessories, Shop All Electronics Video Games & Consoles, Shop All Electronics VR, AR & Accessories. However I think this is one of those cases where it is totally reasonable to reach out to them, perhaps comment on the bundle letting them know they can add their other likes if they are interested and you will send an offer, rather than sending offers first so you wont have to deal with canceling it if they end up wanting more or less items. 3. This has been a great experience of course I have had a few issues but honestly I think I have met the most kindest, and thoughtful supportive women.

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